Coverland Double Roman Roof Tile

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The Coverland Double Roman tile was the first tile to be mass produced in this country which accounts for its unparalleled popularity. The Double Roman can trace its shape back to Roman engineering principles.

The Romans, revered for their engineering and architectural feats, were the first to discover that arches have an innate ability to withstand great pressures, and the shape of the arch distributes the weight evenly down to the base of the structure. Hence the birth of the Double Roman tile. The Double Roman tile boasts many innovative features. Scientifically tested weather locks ensure complete weather resistance.

Coverland recommends that you view actual tile samples before making a purchasing decision. Colours may vary due to the digital conversion of the files

Disclaimer: The appearance and colour of the Victorian Grey concrete roof tile may vary due to the source of raw materials used in the manufacturing process
Technical Data 
Overall size of tile (mm)
Approximate mass per tile
Linear cover per tile
    420 x 332 mm
    4.2 kg
    300 mm 
      Structural Data 
      The roof structure specifications should comply with the regulations in your area.

      Rafter Centres
      Up to 760 mm
      Up to 950 mm
      38 x 38 Batten
      38 x 50 mm Batten on edge
      Headlap (mm)
      17° to 25°
      26° and over
      Batten Centres (mm)
      17° to 25°
      26° and over
      Batten per m² (m)
      17° to 25°
      26° and over
      Number of tiles per m²
      17° to 25°
      26° and over
      Approximate mass of tile m² (kg)
      17° to 25°
      26° and over
      Undertile Membrane Recommended at all Pitches
      17° to 25°
      26° and over
      ** No allowance made for wastage.

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